Friday, September 6, 2013


card design from HBTT



I had been praying very hard that I could do something to help the poor in Vietnam.  Coincidently, I gave a stack of handmade cards as a gift to one of our dear neighbors.  After receiving them, she happily sent me a thank you card and said, “I showed them to my husband and he said that I should display them or sell them because each card is very nice, pretty, and special.”  Yes, our neighbor was an angel who helped me to start my dream of accepting donations for the cards and sending the money to the poor in Vietnam.  She has also given me encouragement, shown appreciation, and given generous donations for additional cards faithfully for 4 years.

             One day I received a letter from her that deeply touched my heart.  She said that she has a friend whose daughter had committed suicide this past year.  She knew Mother’s Day would be hard for her, so she chose one of the handmade cards to send to her thinking that perhaps it would give her some comfort, but was also concerned that it could be hurtful.  She then wrote that, to her surprise, her friend called the day after Mother’s Day and asked, “Where did you get that card?”  Our neighbor said it was one that I had made.  Her friend was very happy and loved the card that had an angel holding out a flower as if to present it to the receiver.

             Our neighbor’s letter made me feel both sympathy and gladness at the same time - sympathy for the mother who lost her loved one by a terrible death, and gladness that my handmade card gave her great comfort as if the angel was her daughter sending her a flower for Mother’s Day.

            This event gave me new purpose and insight for my dream.  Making the cards not only helps to support the poor people in Vietnam, but also gives happiness and healing to those who receive the cards in the United States.
             Now I continue to make cards and create other artistic projects.  Half of them I use as gifts that I give to my friends and relatives for special occasions, and the other half I use as fundraisers for charitable purposes.  Lately I have received many thank you notes, and one lady even brought me some goodies in appreciation for my work.  I experience generosity from others, and I have received countless gifts and graces from the Lord.  

September 6, 2013
True Story by: HBTT


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