Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tuan Cuu Nhat Kinh Thanh Giuse

In preparing for the feast of St. Joseph on the 19th of March. 
St. Joseph was pursuing a good plan for his life but God had another design for him, a greater mission.  God chose him to be a foster father and protector who cared for Jesus and taught him his trade in the workshop at Narareth.  Joseph and Mary share a single common center of attention:  Jesus.  He is the center of their thoughts, their awareness and their actions.  As they nurtured the growth of the Son of God made human for us, Mary and Joseph reflected on all that happened, and pondering it in their hearts.
Let us pray to him, to teach us "To  live our faith in the actions of everyday life and gave more space to the Lord in our lives, to pause to contemplate his face."  Amen 

Moi Nam Hoi Dong cua HBTT co lam 9 ngay khan Thanh Giuse, cho benefactor, family, and friends.

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