Friday, July 11, 2014

Có Chúa Trong Lòng.

Có Chúa Trong Lòng.
Lời: Thánh Têrêxa Avila.
Nhạc: GioaKim.
Ca sĩ: Thùy Dương.
Slideshow: Mai Khôi.

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  1. Cam on Chu GK bai hat nay la a precious gift to all Carmelites and everyone. HBTT rat mung vi nay co bai hat nay in Vietnamese version. Hom nay tinh co doc duoc bai tho rat cam dong cua Our Holy Mother Teresa.
    In the Hands of God
    by Teresa of Avila

    English version by Kieran Kavanaugh OCD and Otilio Rodriguez OCD

    I am Yours and born of You,
    What do You want of me?

    Majestic Sovereign,
    Unending wisdom,
    Kindness pleasing to my soul;
    God sublime, one Being Good,
    Behold this one so vile.
    Singing of her love to you:
    What do You want of me?

    Yours, you made me,
    Yours, you saved me,
    Yours, you endured me,
    Yours, you called me,
    Yours, you awaited me,
    Yours, I did not stray.
    What do You want of me?

    Good Lord, what do you want of me,
    What is this wretch to do?
    What work is this,
    This sinful slave, to do?
    Look at me, Sweet Love,
    Sweet Love, look at me,
    What do You want of me?

    In Your hand
    I place my heart,
    Body, life and soul,
    Deep feelings and affections mine,
    Spouse — Redeemer sweet,
    Myself offered now to you,
    What do You want of me?

    Give me death, give me life,
    Health or sickness,
    Honor or shame,
    War or swelling peace,
    Weakness or full strength,
    Yes, to these I say,
    What do You want of me?

    Give me wealth or want,
    Delight or distress,
    Happiness or gloominess,
    Heaven or hell,
    Sweet life, sun unveiled,
    To you I give all.
    What do You want of me?

    Give me, if You will, prayer;
    Or let me know dryness,
    And abundance of devotion,
    Or if not, then barrenness.
    In you alone, Sovereign Majesty,
    I find my peace,
    What do You want of me?

    Give me then wisdom.
    Or for love, ignorance,
    Years of abundance,
    Or hunger and famine.
    Darkness or sunlight,
    Move me here or there:
    What do You want of me?

    If You want me to rest,
    I desire it for love;
    If to labor,
    I will die working:
    Sweet Love say
    Where, how and when.
    What do You want of me?

    Calvary or Tabor give me,
    Desert or fruitful land;
    As Job in suffering
    Or John at Your breast;
    Barren or fruited vine,
    Whatever be Your will:
    What do You want of me?

    Be I Joseph chained
    Or as Egypt’s governor,
    David pained
    Or exalted high,
    Jonas drowned,
    Or Jonas freed:
    What do You want of me?

    Silent or speaking,
    Fruitbearing or barren,
    My wounds shown by the Law,
    Rejoicing in the tender Gospel;
    Sorrowing or exulting,
    You alone live in me:
    What do You want of me?

    Yours I am, for You I was born:
    What do You want of me?