Friday, February 7, 2014

Silence of The Winter/The Song of The Soul

Silence Of The Winter

Why don't birds sing in the Winter?
Because of the rigid cold
or perhaps they're saving energy for the Spring to celebrate? 
As I gaze out the window,
There is a great silence among the birds eating under the tree, where I put seeds. 
Why is there a great silence among a flock of birds and the trees? 
That makes me feel so calm and peaceful. 
I meditate in the atmosphere of true silence, 
The beauty of white snow,
like a sheet of white fabric, covers over the earth.  
Awe!  God-created a fairy tale land.
The tree shows off its strong curvy branches
Bravely proving its endurance of the burden ice
Sparkling as the sunlight lights it.
My mind is mesmerized by God, the greatest artist.
But why does everything rush, rush?
The Winter message is to be silence, and still....




In the intense cold, the bud appears
In the winter storm, the musical notes dance
In the painful affliction, the soul is sanctified.
The Soul dazzling like snow
By grace, the soul floats gracefully as a snow flake, sparkling in the air,
shining forth her beauty in the light,
softening senses where she goes,
gently melts into the ocean of mercy.
Peacefully content in the presence of the Holy Ghost.
I hear a voice crystal clear like a choir of angels
Singing the song I wrote, not too long ago.     
I see the distant narrow road illuminated, that eases the longing soul......
                                        TN-HBTT 2/7/2014

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