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A Surprise Miracle Part I and II


True Story from HBTT, September 8, 2013

            This year we have been blessed with an abundance of rain.  The trees and the grasses are still green in early September, almost tropical like Hawaii.  This is very unusual weather for Oklahoma, especially after a couple of years of drought.
            I enjoy walking outside for ten minutes every morning before going indoors to work.  I like to contemplate the Morning Glory flowers that I planted which are blooming more and more beautifully each day behind our Lady of Grace. The flowers are climbing graciously on the trellis of the flower bed.  They remind me of the smile of a teacher and friend, Mary Cobb, whom I miss since she passed away last year.  She had lived a beautiful life as a wife, a mother, a teacher, and a friend.  When she retired she volunteered at the Parish of St. Monica Catholic Church.  She was very kind to the priests and to the sisters. Her enthusiasm gave me spiritual energy, love of life, and trust in the Lord.  There was something very unique and special about her presence.  Her beautiful smile expressed a deep faith in spite of the hardship of battling recurring cancer which she had to endure over many years.
            Recently, while cleaning the cabinet shelves in the plant room, I found a surprise - an envelope with a note from her written on the front and hibiscus seeds inside that she had given me many years before she died.  I had planted a few of the seeds before, but nothing came up.  Her note said, “Inside are seeds for hibiscus plants that are perennial to Oklahoma.  My mother had them in her garden (seeds from a neighbor friend) and after she died I collected some seeds and now have my own plants to share the seeds.”  This note gave me the encouragement to try again.  “Why not”, I thought.  So I walked down to the lath-house and chose two pots - one big and one small.  In the small pot I planted some pineapple seeds and some hibiscus seeds.  In the big pot I planted the rest of the hibiscus seeds.  I then made a Sign of the Cross and said this prayer to Mary Cobb, “These are your seeds, make them sprout”.  After a few weeks not a single seed germinated in the big pot, but there was a sprout in the small pot.  I thought it was the pineapple, but the strange baby leaves were round.  As it got taller and bigger the leaves proved to be a hibiscus.  I was so happy and felt it was a surprise miracle.
            The hibiscus flower was as big as a dinner plate like the ones that used to amaze from my neighbors where I grew up.   I was always fascinated by the super size flowers and now I cannot believe I have one growing.  I am so excited and cannot wait to see the hibiscus flowers bloom.  I will take some pictures of it and send it, along with a handmade Angel card, to her family.

                                  A Surprise Miracle   Part II                    

Patiently I waited and fervently I prayed
And received a special message from the seeds.
I named them Mary Cobb hibiscus.
From heaven she must have blessed
These uplifting plants down on earth.
Through interesting stages I watched them grow-
Battling with destructive pests,
White flies, an awful insect,
Took their youth without mercy.
During the winter, safety in the greenhouse,
Naked without leaves like all the trees outside.
The tiny body, like a toothpick,
Dark black, tiny green toward the end .
I never lost hope but kept praying.
During the Easter Season,
I was awed to visit these plants.
Like Jesus’ resurrection,
New shoots sprouted from the tiny dead body.
Oh! The promise God has for those who believe!
Alleluia! The plants were resurrected, hooray!
Every morning when I woke up,
The hibiscus was the first thing I visited.
Even a praying mantis was praying with me-
Such a good friend guarding the buds.
The excitement came on August 7, 2014-
A gorgeous blossom, light pink petals
And the center was a round red circle.
I waited a year to finish this story
And the flower lasted less than a day.
But my heart still celebrates
With the message God has promised
For those who believe and trust in Him…

                                                      HBTT 8/8/2014

Resurrection new shoot Sprouting around Easter

 It take more than a month for the buds to form, and lasted less than a day.
 Blooming from morning until 4 clock
                                                      After 4 clock starting to close up.  

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